Who We Are / Why We Are Here

I'm not a former guard or interrogator, I'm not a doctor or psychologist, I'm not a human rights lawyer, I don't work for Amnesty International or any other human rights NGO, and at least until now I haven't been a serious political activist. I'm just a guy with a regular day job trying to make sense out of a complicated issue.

The week that the Military Commissions Act passed into law I was talking with my brother about the new "enhanced coercive interrogation techniques" that the act approved. My brother thought waterboarding didn't sound too bad, and I thought it sounded pretty terrible. Neither of us were confident that we understood how the technique worked. It actually seemed that nobody really understood much about this formerly obscure coercive interrogation method - opinions were plentiful but facts were difficult to find.

I created this website to illustrate the procedure to an equally inquisitive audience, and I experienced waterboarding to learn through personal experience what I could not learn otherwise. I'd like to replace vague, euphemistic language with detailed and accurate description, and I'd like to offer the opportunity for direct experience by waterboarding consenting, informed participants under the supervision of medical professionals. If any country's intelligence officers can claim the legitimate right to waterboard unwilling prisoners in private, I'd like to be able to do the same thing to consenting adults it in public.

Whether you are for or against the sanctioning of coercive interrogation techniques I hope this website, its information, and the personal service I offer are useful, informative, and provide clarity to this controversial issue. I welcome your participation and support as I add more content here.