Sean Hannity and Keith Olbermann: Waterboarding for Charity

On April 22, Sean Hannity interviewed Charles Grodin. Hannity suggested "is it really so bad to dunk a terrorist's head in water", Grodin suggested that he try it out and see for himself, and Sean Hannity agreed to "do it for charity" this Sunday, March 26th. Last night Keith Olbermann offered Hannity a $1000 per second incentive to be waterboarded for charity.

The best way to quickly and clearly learn about waterboarding is to try it yourself. Direct experiences by former waterboarding apologists assistant AG Daniel Levin and Chris Hitchens are what changed their minds about the practice's severity and acceptability. If Sean Hannity can withstand the same duration of enhanced treatment that Khalid Shaikh Mohammed did - 183 episodes of between 10 and 40 seconds - Sean Hannity will be able to earn between $1.83-$7.32 million for the charity of his choice. We wish him luck.